17:52 PM

This Week In San Francisco It Is Web 2.0 Weak...

Web 2.0 Expo has become very dated. You aren't missing anything if you couldn't make it. But it is always nice to catch up with old friends.

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Some prior SVW coverage:

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It is as if we are long past Halloween but the living dead Web 2.0 companies haven't realized they are dead yet....

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The Web 2.0 sector is a vibrant sector that is supported by hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital. But how many "Web 2.0" companies are profitable?

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They started arriving Friday evening from all over. By Saturday evening there was a large British encampment in the Clift's Redwood Room. Sunday the Germans were holding court, and Monday the Finns were throwing a party at The Foreign Cinema...

- Web Two Point Overload!!!

There must be a lot of money rushing into PR firms around next week's Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco because I am way more swamped than usual with requests for interviews....