03:05 AM

Web Two Point Overload!!!

There must be a lot of money rushing into PR firms around next week's Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco because I am way more swamped than usual with requests for interviews. There isn't enough time in the year for me to take on everything I've been offered...

Apart from the interviews I've already accepted, I'm not taking any more interviews instead I'm going to be shooting Silicon Valley Minutes on Thursday from about noon onwards. Come over to the Blogger Lounge, sponsored by The Conversation Group, no appointment neccessary, and I'll shoot a quick Silicon Valley Minute about your Web 2.0 company. 3rd floor Room 3018. Or send me a Silicon Valley Minute and beat the line...

Here is a Silicon Valley Minute from last year: TalkPlus

TalkPlus - Jeff Black, Chairman

- - -

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