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Escape From Web 2.O . . .

They started arriving Friday evening from all over. By Saturday evening there was a large British encampment in the Clift's Redwood Room. Sunday the Germans were holding court, and Monday the Finns were throwing a party at The Foreign Cinema. All Web 2.0 entrepreneurs.

The Web 2.0 conference starts this week and it has become huge. I can't remember a time when a conference has grown so large, so quickly, and become so international. The Internationale should be rewritten with the words "Web 2.0 will unite the world."

I stayed away from the Web 2.0 crowd for part of the weekend. It was fun seeing them Sunday and Monday but I'm glad to be going out of town for a couple of days before plunging back in.


I'm heading over to the other great conference this week, the New Comm Forum, one of the best conferences around. It is organized by the Society for New Communications Research (SNCR), a Palo Alto based think-tank founded by Jennifer McClure and Elizabeth Albrycht.

I'm honored to be a Founding Fellow and part of a unique group of people that are involved in some of the most cutting edge projects in media and communications.

The New Comm Forum always feels like a home coming, a group of people that speak the same language, a constantly changing language of media and communications. That's the exciting aspect. Silicon Valley has changed into Media Valley and now the cutting edge is at the intersection of technology and media.

I'll be up in Sonoma at New Comm Forum Tuesday and I'm speaking Wednesday morning and I'll be back in town for the Web 2.0 events Wednesday evening. Thursday from noon onwards I'm shooting Silicon Valley Minutes over by the Blogger Lounge, organized by The Conversation Group, no appointment necessary. I'll shoot a quick Silicon Valley Minute about your Web 2.0 company. 3rd floor Room 3018. Or send me a Silicon Valley Minute and beat the line...

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