09:44 AM

Yahoo 360, Yahoo's blog, photo and social networking play

Flickr.gifWhen Flickr CEO Stewart Butterfield took the stage at Tuesday he joked he had an important announcement to make about rumors that the photo-sharing company would be acquired: "The next person to ask me about it gets punched," he said, displaying a slide of a cartoon POW!

As previously reported here, Yahoo! is about to acquire Flickr, the popular photo sharing community web site. It now seems likely that the announcement will be made March 29, along with the official invitation-only beta launch of Yahoo 360, which Yahoo announced this morning after press reports revealed the project's existence.

Forrester researcher Charlene Yi talked to Julie Herendeen, Yahoo VP of network products, who revealed the product includes blogs, the ability to see and share reviews with your social network, and the ability to add content from the Yahoo! network to a personal space.

"This will primarily include Yahoo! Photos, but also any reviews you’ve written for local businesses, music/movie reviews, and Yahoo! Groups." Eventually, this would also include non-Yahoo content via RSS.

You can sign up to be on the beta list. Learn more at 360.yahoo.com.