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Write your own job post; PCForum is gone; Tell about Tellfriends.com; DSL distress; Hubub launches


. . . Trevor Jonas from Bite brought attention to this write your own job post. Maybe it's a trend?:

As you recently launched a job site, I thought you might get a kick out of this one. Wikia is hiring and has posted an edit-able job description on its site (see:

The page has the following message at the top "Job seekers: If you don't like the job description below, feel free to change it." Think anyone will add a salary section? :)

. . . Tom Abate at the San Francisco Chronicle Technology Chronicles blog says PC Forum is dead...

Call it a sign of the times, but what is arguably the longest running elite high-tech conference became a thing of the past. Technology guru Esther Dyson has quietly put out the word that the 2006 PC Forum, held in March in Carlsbad, California, would be the last. Wrote Dyson in a note that found its way to Tech Chronicles:

"It had a great run, from 1977 to 2006, and we decided to end it before anyone asked us to."

 Link to The Technology Chronicles : PC Forum's demise marks the end of an era

. . . TellFriends.com will be coming into beta very soon.


Tellfriends. Help friends. They'll help you. It's infokarma!


. . . Lynne Jolitz tries to get DSL on a DSL line .

 The ISP is told by Verizon that they cannot install DSL at this location because the line is 12,224 feet from the box and "load coils" are used. Hmm, first problem is I can see the box, and it isn't 12,224 feet. Second problem is that I know it's an up-to-date switch that doesn't need load coils. And third problem is that I already have DSL running on one of their wires  . . .

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. . . Giovanni Rodriguez ex-Eastwick Communications has co-founded Hubub, a great name for a new media communications agency . . .