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Wow. Twitter's Response To Bad Press: Unfollow

Sean Garrett, Twitter's chief of communications (see picture demonstrating his media relations skills on me during happier times) has unfollowed me on Twitter. This was his only response to a series of posts here on SVW critical of Twitter and its support for corporate social responsibility yet following tactics described as "corporate blackmail" in pushing for huge cuts in local San Francisco taxes. That's a lame response to an important local story. I'm sure Mr Garrett has unfollowed others who have been critical of Twitter. What a great response to dealing with unpleasant news -- stick your head in the sand. If you can't see it it doesn't exist.

UPDATED: Sean Garrett is back following me, he tweeted: "Our long national nightmare is over. I'm following @tomforemski again. Http//bit.ly/f5rOgS."


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