06:44 AM

Wow. GOOG Tells Jeff Jarvis It Will Disclose AdSense Payouts

Google has been very secretive about how much money it keeps, and how money it pays out to media publishers in its AdSense advertising network.

Large publishers such as the New York Times newspaper are part of the AdSense advertising network. For the first time, the details of the payouts will be made public.

Jeff Jarvis has all the details here in this exhaustive story:

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At a private meeting with a dozen and a half media people at Davos with CEO Eric Schmidt, President of sales Nikesh Arora, search boss Marissa Mayer, YouTube founder Chad Hurley, and counsel/"chief diplomat" (Schmidt's joke) David Drummond in a Davos apartment dolled up with lava lamps, the execs discussed China, the company's push into display, critics from France to News Corp., Android and its phone strategy, and news.