07:13 AM

Women & Tech: How To Defeat The Gender Gap


Thomson Reuters and Blurb are hosting a special evening Tuesday June 28 in San Francisco, focused on the topic: Empowering women to work in technology.

Technology is everywhere around us and we all use it, both men and women equally. Yet if men build all the technology, then women’s needs won’t be considered through technology. We need both men and women to build the technical future of our world. But "I'm not technical", you say? What happens when we go on maternity leave? How do women survive the male dominated tech world? This event will answer all those questions and inspire the most non-technical minded woman to consider a tech job.

There will be a screening of the documentary CODE: DEBUGGING THE GENDER GAP. 

A panel discussion:

…with accomplished women leaders from Airbnb, Salesforce, Blurb, Jawbone and consultants. These amazing women will demystify the diversity of tech jobs and uncover various inspiring aspects of their career in technology: what inspired them to work in technology, obstacles they faced in their careers (like maternity), and their advice to young women.

Blurb Inc.
850 California Street @ Kearny
Suite 300

More info here.