08:55 AM

Why We Need a ChristMeme

Gabe_Rivera.jpg I ran into Gabe Rivera Wednesday evening at the fun charity benefit organized by Voce Communications at the Rockit Room and featuring Don Clark's "Off the Record" band.

Gabe runs TechMeme which aggregates the most pressing subjects roiling the mediasphere. It is like Google News but much better. Gabe also has similar "meme" aggregators focused on politics, celebrities and sports.

Thursday I was trying to convince Gabe to launch a ChristMeme because it would be good to know what conversations are happening in the Christian fundamentalist communities. There are certainly plenty of web sites, radio stations, magazines etc in that community and it would be good to know more about what is going on in those groups.

Michael Weinstein, a former senior executive at EDS, a top IT services company, recently gave up his job to focus on the issue of Christian fundamentalists infiltrating the US military, from the trenches to the senior ranks. It's a fascinating story.

His book: "With God on our side: One Man's War Against an Evangelical Coup in America's Military.

You can also view Michael Weinstein on CSPAN's BookTV:

By the way...

If you Google Michael Weinstein, Google leads you to a page dominated by an image of his book's cover.

Google's contextual ads show this:

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Google needs to learn cultural contextual ads imho...