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Who will save Plugged In--computer literacy for East Palo Alto kids?


In the center of Silicon Valley, just across the highway, and just minutes from the pristine streets and academic blissfulness of Palo Alto, is East Palo Alto. It is a ghetto in the traditional sense--poor, urban, mostly African American, and unsafe.

Plugged In, a charity that taught East Palo Alto children computer literacy, has had to lay off its entire staff. Here is more on this situation from my pals at IDBNetwork:

Plugged In was forced to lay off all six full-time staff members -- two of whom have kept working without pay. Losing Plugged In would be a terrible blow to East Palo Alto and to Silicon Valley as a whole.

The organization needs $27,000 by December 31 to keep operating into next year, and $108,000 for the entire year.

There's something seriously wrong with our priorities if non-profits like Plugged In that focus on bringing technology into the community -- right here in Silicon Valley, the center of technology innovation -- aren't being supported by the technology giants that live next door. Plugged In needs and deserves our immediate help.

We encourage you to help them in any way you can. Potential donors can contact Michael Levin at 650.322.1134 ext. 13 or at mlevin@pluggedin.org.

Donations may also be sent to EPA.net, c/o Plugged In, 1836B Bay Road, East Palo Alto, CA 94303.


To learn more about Plugged In visit: