12:08 PM

Who Will Replace Mark Hurd At HP? I have Some Suggestions...

Who will replace Mark Hurd as CEO of Hewlett-Packard?

I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Here are some of mine:

- Sean Maloney is Intel's number 2 executive and one of its best. He is back at work after being sidelined by a small stroke and would make an excellent CEO. There isn't much room at the top at Intel, since Paul Otellini is 59 and likely to stay in the CEO job until 65. Mr. Maloney is just 53.

- Scott McNealy is currently unemployed, following Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Sun and HP are very similar businesses.

- Steve Mills is an IBM veteran and the second most powerful executive in the global enterprise software business. He has run the IBM software group very successfully. HP's software business, especially its middleware business has been a disaster. Mr. Mills could help with that. He is 58.

Any other suggestions?

UPDATE: I'm adding Ed Zander to this list. He would be very good for HP-- he would bring some of that Sun uppity spirit, which HP needs.

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