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Wells Fargo Case Study: From Crisis Meeting To Conversation

From Wells Fargo:

Blogs are interactive online forums that allow us to communicate and share ideas with our readers. We're here to start a conversation with you.

Wells Fargo Blogs Join The Conversation

I have a conversation I'd like to invite Wells Fargo to, but they seem to be rather shy.

RantWatch Extremely Poor Service from Wells Fargo

I've been biting at Wells Fargo's ankles for a couple of days because they insist on sitting on my checks for up to ten days. Everyone and their grandmother knows they could clear and deposit a check into a customer account in a Silicon-Valley-micro-second.

My complaint has resonated with my readers, some have shared similar stories. But nothing from Wells Fargo.

I'll get over my annoyance with the bank but the search engines will continue to dredge up my complaint, plus comments, for a long long time.

I asked some friends in PR about this puzzling lack of comment from Wells Fargo: "They are probably having a crisis meeting and you'll get a response in about three weeks time."

I'm looking forward to it. BTW, I don't feel that I've been unfair or mean with Wells Fargo, I have a legitimate complaint. If anything, I'm doing Wells Fargo a favor, I'm helping it to figure out how to respond to these types of bad publicity situations.


Case Study Wells Fargo's Effective Brand Management . . . Not!

RantWatch Extremely Poor Service from Wells Fargo