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WeekendWatcher: CES2008 Notes - FaceTime is worth at least 10x FaceSpace; and other stories

Real time is best time...

Six days in Las Vegas is a long time. But it was time well spent because I got to build relationships with people that would have taken me months to build online. FaceTime is worth at least 10x FaceSpace.

Coming home to Bloghaus...

-The Podtech.net Bloghaus media center was a life saver at CES2008. It was a warm, welcoming place to head for after and between CES events. Having a full bar manned by Carl and John was also very welcome. And the broadband never went down. It was our "home page" for CES.

A French startup...

-I drove up to the Microsoft Siicon Valley campus with Loic Le Meur, the French "Robert Scoble" one of France's best known blogger personalities and a new neighbor of mine in SF. It was great getting to know each other as my stoic Audi was being battered by a tremendous downpour. More on Loic and his video start up Seesmic coming up... From Loic's blog:

From: http://loiclemeur.com/

Mogulus 24/7...

Mogulus on the bus...

-The boys from Mogulus, the live video startup, were always around and fun to be with. Max Haot and Rainer Cvillink were tireless in their coverage of CES. Here is a great roundup by Max.
(Max Haot is far left in photo.)

The universe always provides...

-It was fun hanging with blogger Paul Mooney (Living, Linking, Learning). As we were walking into the Bellagio, amongst a huge throng of people, I was complaining to Paul that processing my videos could be done a lot faster if it were done in silicon rather than running it through a general purpose microprocessor. Where are the multimedia co-processors when you need them!?

As soon as I said it, a guy walking in front wheeled around and gave us his card. It was Bin Lei, head of worldwide sales at C2 Microsystems, based in San Jose. C2 is developing chips for exactly what I need! What are the odds of that? Certainly better at CES but still...

C2's product family supports encode and decode of all major audio and video codecs (including VC1, H.264, Mpeg2, Mpeg4) in resolutions up to the most demanding HD video.


When the camera stops rolling...

I got some great footage while at CES, but the best is always when the camera stops rolling. I wish I could transfer my memories to video :-)

Here is a recap, in chronological order...

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Robert Scoble's first girlfriend(!)

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