11:37 AM

Weekend Watcher: Some related CES2008 links...

- Ken Kaplan notices far more video bloggers this year at CES: My CES Social Media Posse Leap in Interest Movin' Ahead

Ken interviews Tay Zonday of "Chocolate Rain" fame...

Here is Chocolate Rain...

- Jason Dunn's CES experience: The Personal Blog of Jason Dunn - The Blogger Bus CES 2008

- John Furrier taunts Kara Swisher :-) Kara Swisher Watch Out - Tom Foremski Has a Camera Furrier.org - Business & Technology Blog

- The incredibly prolific Dan Farber on CES: CES best of show winners | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com

- Sarah Meyers: Prank Gawker Style @ Ces Sarah Meyers

- Brian Solis: CES Day Two-- bub.blicio.us

- Rene Blodgett: down the avenue: BlogHaus Energy at Gates Keynote & Beyond

- Marc Canter: Marc's Voice CES #3 - Heading Home