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Weekend Watcher: Sol Crawford's Pioneering Hornucopia Music Festival

Allison Lovejoy brings us the Lovejoy Lowdown on Sol Crawford organizer of the upcoming SF Hornucopia music festival.

Sol Crawford is one of the most interesting of San Francisco's music promoters. He is a co-partner at Amnesia, which has earned a reputation for one of the best live performance rooms in the Mission district.

Hornucopia is a celebration of any music with horns, and that's a very broad definition. Starting September 4th 35 bands will play across 9 venues in 11 days.

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The Hornucopia Festival is also a non-profit effort to benefit community organizations through a free music workshop, an educational presentation on the provocative history of brass and horn music, and as a fundraiser for two worthy causes: delivering new instruments into the hands of beleaguered youth second line bands in New Orleans and raising money for a humanitarian circus that presents free shows and workshops to refugee children in Kosovo.