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Weekend Watcher: Scoop! Jazz Was Created In San Francisco... Plus Free Jazz Legends Concert On Sunday

I popped along with Allison Lovejoy to interview Peter Fitzsimmons, the head of the Fillmore Jazz Heritage Center. He told us about plans to revive what used to be a vibrant jazz scene in San Francisco. In fact, the term "jazz" was first used here, he says, not in "N'Orleans."

It is a controversial claim...


Allison Lovejoy interviews Peter Fitzsimmons, executive director of the Jazz Heritage Center located in San Francisco's historic Fillmore district. The Fillmore used to be one of the world's top jazz centers and where the term "jazz" was first coined. Mr Fitzsimmons talks about the work of the non-profit organization, the art gallery, and the new Yoshi's resaturant and jazz club, which recently opened in the Fillmore.

There is a free "Living Legends" jazz concert on Sunday February 24 from 2pm to 5pm at 1290 Fillmore Street, San Francisco:

Eddie Duran, Guitar

John Handy, Sax

Frank Jackson, Piano & Vocals

Al Obidinski, Bass

Denise Perrier, Vocals

Allen Smith, Trumpet & Flugelhorn

Akira Tana, Drums

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