16:11 PM

Weekend Watcher: Pete Price and Company...

I've been enjoying my time in the UK and I've got loads of great material to post (coming very soon.)

Here is a fun video from my trip to Liverpool to see my long time great friends Stuart and Carmel Nolan. I was lucky to catch up with Pete Price, a local Liverpool radio personality, stand up comedian, and newly published author: "Pete Price Namedropper."

It was great to show Pete how I put this video together, in about 10 minutes, literally, and I had it posted on Youtube just minutes later.

It's not that I'm some kind of techno whizz kid, which I'm not, it is just that the technology these days: a Sony hi-def video camera and a MacBook Pro with iMovie 8 (comes standard with the laptop) is so point and click that I can wow people without regard to my actual technical skills. It all looks tremendously impressive and I'm happy to take the credit :-)

For about $2500 or 1250 pounds sterling, you too, can have a mobile high-definition video/television production studio....

In a world where the technology is easy, it is one click, it is access to the content that becomes the most important thing.

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