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Weekend Watcher: Bajofondo Represents Some of the Fruits of Globalization

This summer's free Stern Grove Festival is exceptional. Sunday the headliner was Bajofundo, a Tango inspired collective of top Argentine and Uruguayan musicians. It's a Latin supergroup that's getting a strong following in San Francisco. The Stern Grove performance was packed and the musicians had everyone on their feet.

Tango inspired melodies mixed with traditional tunes and wove into multi-layered compositions that invariably broke into a dance groove. Bajofundo were having fun, enjoying the incredible outdoor redwood grove setting, and playing with the audience, teasing them with the breaks.

Sour Stern Grove Event staff...

It was a very well produced show and everyone was having fun. . . Except the event staff patrolling the well behaved crowd and snapping at anyone that loitered along one of the paths.

They went to unbelievable lengths to harass people, even if one toe was dangling on the side of a path. Anyone taking a photo, even with a camera phone was also hassled. There as a non-stop stream of hassles from the event staff--they were a relentless buzz-kill. It was the only fly in the ointment, the crappy attitude of the event staff - someone should pull that hair out for them.

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MySpace.com - Bajofondo - Uruguay, Argentina & - Electronica / Rock / Tango - www.myspace.com/bajofondomardulce

Bajofondo Tango Club is a South American music band consisting of seven musicians from Argentina and Uruguay. They decided to do away with “Tango Club” to shorten their name simply to Bajofondo. The change in the name, more inclusive and with an immediate impact, mirrors the path Bajofondo’s music has followed. Often compared to Gotan Project, their music is a fusion of acoustic tango and electronic music, part of an evolving tango genre which is known as “Electrotango” or “Tango Fusion”, which is greatly helping to bring tango back into the mainstream.

Bajofondo Tango Club – Listen free at Last.fm