15:18 PM

Weekend Watcher: $150m Portfolio Magazine Launches


Top editors from Condé Nast Portfolio magazine were in town this week for the launch of this premier business magazine. It was good to see Kevin Maney, formerly of USA Today, and now a columnist at this high profile magazine.

There are tons of great writers like Kevin at this magazine. There are some excellent features in the launch edition including Tom Wolfe revisiting his Masters of the Universe theme from his first novel, Bonfire of the Vanities.

I like the magazine, but then again I like magazines. In some ways it is very "East Coast." Print reading is much more common on the East Coast than here. I think it has to do with the commute culture-- it's easier to read print on a train.

The magazine is heavy with advertisements which is great. But probably a bit too heavy to lug with you on your commute. It would play well in a dentist's waiting room or even a hair dressers, where it wouldn't look out of place with the other big books such as Vanity Fair.

I wish CN Portfolio magazine great success and I hope it doesn't become the last gasp of the old world big media launches. Conde Nast is reportedly investing $150M to bring it to profitability.

And it is promising that its web site will report on daily business news,  plus it will have special interactive tools. So please check it out, it's a well designed site with some great content:

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