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Weekend Watcher : Tempting Fate - 3 Toms Perish in Fiery Car Crash...

Intelligent_Design.jpgI was down at UN Plaza Friday evening catching up with my friend Tom Sanders, from VNUnet and the author of the excellent blog Silicon Valley Sleuth. He's heading back to Holland later this year after a 6 year posting here as a journalist.

I offered to drop Tom off at Caltrans, and on the way we stopped to pick up my friend Tom Abate, business reporter for the SF Chronicle (and Mini Media Guy blogger). Which made for a very rare occurence: 3 Toms in one car.

Actually, it was stranger than that, it was: 3 Toms who are also journalists in one car.

This is a dangerous situation, and I warned my passengers. This type of rare situation can tempt the hand of fate.

It can also draw the ironic hand of the divine being - which expresses itself by taking an enormous interest in our lives. The Divine Being expresses itself by looking very carefully for opportunities that show its complete interest in our lives, by enabling ironic disaters. . . such as : 3 Toms Perish in Fiery Car Crash.

We were fortunate to survive.


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