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Weekend Watcher: Old World music with a New World Flare: Vagabond Opera; Jay Smooth and Charlie Ahearn; Americans are not Stupid

by Lucaso

Vagabond Opera strolls through old world gypsy classics, 1920's European Cabaret, up tempo Balkan beats, and Klezmer funk, all with a sideshow of theatrics that will get grannie out of the rocker and off to the show.

The aptly named 6 piece band hails from Portland, OR and puts the vibrato in neo-classical opera, complete with fedoras and striped stockings.

Take a look as we recently caught up with them at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA.

TechOne - Jay Smooth: Interview with director Charlie Ahearn

An interview with the director of 1982's seminal hip-hop film "Wild Style," featured this week on VH1's "Hip-Hop Honors" show.

Americans are not stupid

This is a hilarious video asking people in the street about the world they live in...