18:41 PM

Web 2.0 BackStories...

A mashup report about of my week in the eye of the Web 2.0 hurricane, (actually, more like a zephyr, a light wind, but quite interesting ... :-)

The Moscone Echo Chamber

When I walked in to the cavernous Moscone West expo building on Monday, I quickly ran into lots of familiar faces.

Robert Scoble from PodTech.net was running around with a Justin.tv type baseball hat camera and microphone.  He'd been at it all day, it was now late afternoon. "It's exhausting, I feel I have to be interesting all the time," he told me.

(Robert, like others at the show, were using Ustream.tv to broadcast live.)

Lots of other top blogerati, such as Chris Pirillo, Steve Gillmor, Dave Winer, Jeremiah Owyang, Dan Farber, John Dvorak were hanging out on the third floor of the Moscone West building--which, BTW is a wonderful space, bright with lots of daylight, and tons of space.  

And everyone was walking around with a video camera, either on their head or on a tripod, including me (tripod), because of my deal with PodTech.net.  

I carry a video camera these days but I've just started using one and I'm still getting used to it. I kicked myself that I didn't use it to video our leading blogerati, running around video interviewing each other. It happened during a lull in the afternoon when there weren't too many other people around because a keynote session was in progress.


I ran into Renee Blodgett of Blodgett Communications,  and Brian Solis and Adriana Gascoigne from FutureWorks PR agency PR. Brian told me that Justin Kan was taking a one day break from Justin.TV. Another video blogger--Justine had volunteered. 

Brian pointed out that Justine is much prettier than Justin, and so there is an opportunity for someone else with a head-cam to follow Justine.TV around as she interviews people. It's smart thinking, you could potentially steal most of the Justin.TV audience...

Here is the ubiquitous chronicler of our times, Scott Beale of LaughingSquid with some photos: Laughing Squid » iJustine Takes Over Justin.tv For A Day.

Om My God!

The bouncer at the Netvibes party Monday evening clearly doesn't read blogs or know much about anything because he bounced GigaOm towards the back of the line. Om was not pleased and went home.

One witness was David Lenehan, lead developer for Polldaddy, an Irish based online polling company. "I was near the front of the queue and a taxi pulls up and Om Malik steps out. He walks straight past me and heads for the front entrance of the club."

"The bouncer stops him, Om says something to him, and then the bouncer starts pointing to the back of the line. I bet Netvibes won't be happy about that."

Fergus Burns, from Nooked, said he saw the same thing. Om started walking towards the end of the line, which snaked around the corner of the block, but then changed direction, hailed a cab and was gone.

It's a shame, because if Om had walked around the corner to the end of the line, that's where I was with Steve Gillmor, Gabe Rivera from Techmeme, Matthew Greeley from Brightidea.com, and others.

We were happily entertaining ourselves while we waited to get in, and it would have been good to catch up with Om. We did eventually get inside.