10:29 AM

We Live In An "And" World... It's Quantum Not Binary

Something is always killing something else in the world of tech headline writers. Apple iPhone is killing something or being killed; and Google+ is killing something or being killed; or...

There's a lot of killing being discussed because it comes from a "binary" culture that doesn't understand the real world. But the reality is that many things can exist at the same time: we live in an analog world where there is an infinity number of states for any one thing -- not just off or on.

We live in a world where iPhone and Android and other OSes can all exist and prosper; we live in a world where Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ can all exist and prosper, etc.

Throughout our day we move through an analog world where we know this is true. We even have minds that are "quantum" in the sense that they can hold mutually exclusive states, yet they continue to be "and."

Our daily experience is that we live in an inclusive world, it's often a win/win world rather than win/lose. Yet the binary world of the geek community only sees a world of winners and losers and nothing in between. They should look again. And kill the tiresome headlines...