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We have no shortage of great ideas, but a shortage of great teams -- the Silicon Valley Watcher Jobs Board

Silicon Valley draws in the smartest people from around the world and that's what makes living and working here so compelling. It is the quality of the conversations here, the engagement with so many different people, which helps create innovation.

While there is no shortage of great ideas, what we do have is a shortage of great teams. SVW has partnered with JobThread to offer a jobs board and help our readers build great teams.

We'll also be writing about the jobs market, what skills are in demand, and trends in the marketplace. If you need a database administrator (very hot right now) or a marcoms/pr specialist with at least 8 years experience (also v. hot) we hope that the Silicon Valley Watcher Jobs board will become a great resource to build your dream teams.

To get things started the first 25 postings are free!

Link to Silicon Valley Watcher Jobs