02:16 AM

Warning! Emotional content ahead

Lou Nyari and Sarah Foremski - Nov 2005

I said goodbye today to one of the most important and wonderful people in my life -and I am heartbroken.

This is Lou Nyari my beautiful grandmother of my children Matthew (18) and Sarah (11); in the picture is Lou and my daughter Sarah.

Lou maybe has a few days left in her battle against cancer and I wish she were not leaving. She has been my mother-in-law but never became that stereotype. She has been a third parent in my children's lives and a rock solid support over the last seven years when I was seperating from her daughter Mervana.

Lou is one of the most incredible persons I have ever known....along with her husband Bob Nyari. And it fu*!ing sucks !!!! ... that she won't be here.

[My apologies for bringing this here, but this is where I live and this is my life.]