01:52 AM

Wanted: CMO for Startup - Must Have a Good PageRank

This is the type of job advert we will soon be seeing:

"Wanted: Chief Marketing Officer for a Web 2.0 startup based in San Francisco. Candidate must have a blog with a PageRank of at least 5 and/or at least 800 followers on Twitter and/or 1500 friends on FaceBook or LinkedIn. Competitive salary, benefits and stock options."

You can fill in the job title for various professions and fiddle with the numbers of friends/pagerank etc, but the message is clear: self-publishing through a blog, Twit-stream, or FriendFeed is going to be good for your career. And it is going to be great for getting that next job.

And you can't fake this stuff, at least, not for long. And you have to do it and keep doing it, which isn't for everyone.

Think about two equally educated candidates with similar experience but one candidate doesn't have the same social or professional footprint in the mediasphere as the other. Which one gets the job?

This is how software engineers get their jobs. This is how many other professionals will get their next jobs too.

Let me know if it's worked for you.