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Vanity Fair Will Publish Investigation Into Michael Arrington

JennAllen 1 2

Jenn Allen at a SupperKing event in November, 2012.

Vanity Fair has told SVW that its December issue will feature an article about Michael Arrington, founder of popular news site TechCrunch. It will examine the case made by Jenn Allen (above) accusing him of an attack against her.

The December issue will be available on newsstands on November 3 and on tablets November 9.

Sam Biddle at ValleyWag reports that the case will have a court hearing next year: 

As it stands now, the two won't square off in court until October 20th of next year—and the discovery process, wherein details of their relationship will be aired, won't complete until summer of 2014. In the meantime, she's still very publicly continuing her story:

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