12:21 PM

UPDATE: Gmail outage... GOOG's sagging infrastructure breaks down

Is anybody else having problems today with Gmail today? I can't seem to get in at all, and there have been other errors popping up the last couple of days, at least in my account. Is Google's infrastructure groaning at the load of all of its services, including unlimited video storage?

UPDATE: I still cannot get into Gmail. It has been four hours since I posted on this problem and others are reporting it too (please see comments section.) I use Gmail exclusively and my business depends on it. I don't mind a five or ten minute outage, occasionally, but this is ridiculous.

Google risks losing me and plenty of others as users.

Gmail is still in beta does that mean Google thinks it can get away with a less-than-reliable email service?

Why hasn't it taken the steps and the investments, to make sure this doesn't happen? Does GOOG think that because Gmail is a beta product we will cut the company some slack? Hours of slack for a mission critical component of most people's lives?!

What's strange is that my son can access his Gmail but when I tried to log in through his machine I got the same server error. Then when he tried to log back into his account he got the same server error. He had to delete his cookies to get back in...

And why is there nothing posted by Google about this problem? At least, I couldn't find it...