07:24 AM

Upcoming Speaking Events... And Lunch At Your Place

- On Monday April 7, I will be at Bulldog Reporter's Media Relations Summit 2008 at the St. Francis in San Francisco. I will be speaking as part of this panel at 4.30pm:

Blogger Relations: Inside the Hearts and Minds of Top Online Pundits

Tom Foremski, Silicon Valley Watcher;

Om Malik, Giga Om;

Craig Newmark, Craigslist.org;

Jon Greer, BNET/Media Bridge.

- Coming up, April 22 to 25th I will be speaking at at the always excellent New Communications Forum 2008. Don't miss it! It will be at the beautiful Vineyard Creek Inn & Spa in Sonoma county, just an hour or so north of San Francisco.

I will be on the podium with Shel Israel and Jim Long. Here is Shel to explain:

Jim Long has been an NBC cameraman for nearly 10 years. His current assignment is the dubious distinction of following George Bush. He goes where Bush goes in the world and that recently included African. Jim has been behind the camera in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. Those of you who use Twitter know him as NewMediaJim, one of the most popular, accessible and likable residence of Twitterville.

Tom Foremski, the former Financial Times tech business editor who now heads the team at Silicon Valley Watch, the insightful, provocative popular blog. When it comes to stories about business and technology, Tom has been there and done that and he talks about what he has seen with a sense of humor and occasional outrage.

Jim and Tom are two of the best story tellers I know and I am honored to be on the dais with them at the upcoming SNCR Forum in Sonoma April 22-5. We are going to talk about the social, cultural and business implications of the transition from old media to new. i knw they will be great because they are two of the best conversational story tellers I know. I was supposed to have a half-hour lunch with Jim at SXSW. It last nearly three hours. I've had more fun hanging out with Tom in a Palo Alto parking garage than I often have at planned Silicon Valley receptions.


I have a very special "friend of the speaker discount" 45 per cent off! Email me and I'll send you the booking code for registration at http://www.newcommforum.com.

- Also, I often speak at lunch time events at PR companies about journalism, blogging, new communications and anything else. I do these for free as part of an educational series. Contact me if you are interested in one of these lunch events. You can call my cell on 415 336 7547.