04:08 AM

Upcoming: SFCurators Salon July 27 Featuring Real Curators!

The next meeting of SFCurators salon will focus on real curators rather than tools.

We'll have Tom Abate, formerly chief business reporter at San Francisco Chronicle speaking about curation and the newsroom.

Christine Mason McCaull will talk about curating people and ideas for TEDxSF events.

Ken Kaplan will speak about curation within corporations and some of the lessons learned at Intel.

We'll also be adding additional speakers as we get closer to the event:

PeopleBrowsr - 474 Bryant St, San Francisco, 94107. Wednesday, July 27. 6.30pm for networking -- the event will begin at 7pm.

Let me know if you'd like to join the SFCurators Salon Facebook group. You'll get early info on upcoming events and a chance to speak.

Special thanks to Jen Charlton at Peoplebrowsr.

PeopleBrowsr is a high-tech social analytics company for marketers passionate about social media brand engagement, data mining intelligence and sophisticated social search.

We help our customers at global brands and Advertising/PR agencies identify and engage influencers, cultivate communities, gain in-depth insights from specialized research reporting and human sentiment analysis, and develop hyper-targeted campaigns to increase social media ROI.