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Upcoming June 4: TEDxSF - ALIVE! Maximum Living...

TEDxSF is coming up this Saturday at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts - Noon to 6pm. It's my favorite local event. Above is video from the one in November, with Jaron Lanier playing one of the strangest instruments I've ever seen, a khene.

The theme for the next TEDxSF is "ALIVE! Maximum Living as a Human."

ALIVE! will examine the human lifecycle from many angles: vibrant aging, meaning, mission, family, identity, sexuality, living in community, parenting, coming of age, childhood, birth and conception.


Joe Betts LaCroix, core team member of Halcyon Molecular

Andres Torres, San Francisco Giants' Centerfielder

Documentary Filmmaker Chusy Jardine

Nicole Daedone, Slow Sex Author and Founder of OneTaste

Mel Robbins, Syndicated Talk Show Host, Author of Stop Saying You're Fine

Dr. William Thomas, ChangingAging.org

Shereef Bishay, BetterMeans.org and leading thinker on the Open Enterprise

Carey Perloff, ACT Artistic Director

Nina Wise, Comedienne, Improv Artist and San Francisco Treasure

Dave Kim on Electric Violin

Reckless Sons coming out from NYC

Vicki Virk & Non Stop Bhangra for collective fun

Scott Hess TRU insights

Arlene Samen of One Heart WorldWide

Simon Mainwaring author of We First: How brands and consumers use social media to build a better world

Dr. Eythor Bender of Berkeley Bionics and Amanda Boxtel, Cofounder of Challenge Aspen

Dr. Roz Picard of Affectiva/MIT Media Lab

Photographer James Mollison

Wendy Northcutt founder of DarwinAwards.com

Jonathan Good, Cofounder, 1000memories.com

Jesse Houk "The Scumfrog", DJ, Remixer, Producer, and Artist.

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