06:28 AM

Upcoming Charity Event: Silicon Valley Rocks! Announces Lineup

This is a worthwhile event Silicon Valley Rocks! raising money for local schools. The lineup for this year's show December 9 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco is:

CORINNE MARCUS & THE KINDRED SPIRITS -- catchy and intriguing with hints of Lilith, pop, rock and lounge. Tech Affiliations: Walden Venture Capital, Digidesign.

FAREWELL TYPEWRITER -- melodic rock music that's energetic yet tight, dancey but tough. Tech Affiliations: Hewlett-Packard and Thing Labs (makers of Brizzly).

MARROW -- electronica/dance beats guaranteed to make you move your gloomy ass. Tech Affiliations: Pyramind Studios and the "sflogicninja" of YouTube fame.

THE OPEN SOURCE BAND -- featuring Jonah Matranga (lead singer of Far) and Randi Zuckerberg -- a Silicon Valley Rocks! special freely available for your listening pleasure. Tech Affiliations: Facebook, Norwest Venture Partners, Walden Venture Capital, Amplified Music Services.

THE TELL-TALE HEARTBREAKERS -- tearing through the post-punk music scene with tense, guitar and bass-driven songs that reflect the darker side of rock and roll. Tech Affiliations: PDI/DreamWorks.

THE WHITEHALLS -- from straight-ahead rockers to political drama to crowd-pleasing ballads to electronica, this band covers all the bases. Tech Affiliations: Digg.com, Aldon (software), IT for SF Boys & Girls Club, Bite PR.

This year we had eight times the band submissions we received in 2008! Stay tuned to the Silicon Valley Rocks blog for a list of finalists selected by our "listening committee" and more info on this year's line up -- band history, interviews, music, photos etc.
But for now, say YES to music and education by buying a ticket or making a donation. We're offering a very sweet treat for you monsters of rock that love Halloween and music. It's our "RIP" ticket promotion that gives you a VIP ticket (3 free drinks, light hors d'oeuvres, and premium seating) for only $50 (a $25 savings!). The offer lasts until 11:55pm on October 31 - act now before the candy is all gone! Tickets are on sale here. Be sure to select the RIP - Halloween Promotion!