13:45 PM

UK's Pioneering Publisher Mike Magee Launches Indian-based IT Publication

I'm a long time admirer of Mike Magee, a veteran journalist and media entrepreneur. He just launched his latest publication: IT Examiner, which is based in India, not in the UK as Mike prior ventures.

I met with Mike when I was back in the UK in December. He mentioned he'd been visiting India lately and I put two and two together.

Here is Mike describing the project on his blog Mad Mike Magee's Musings.

In just a few days from now I will join the four staff I have already hired in Ole Bangalore, and supervise the introduction of the IT Examiner to the global scene.

There will also be an assault and battery of several freelancers contributing to the mix - the aim of the magazine being to interpret what’s happening in India and China to the rest of the world.

This magazine will not compete with tabloids like the Rogister and the INQster. We will be introducing journalism to the world and the workspace of the world as you haven’t seen it before. Our Indian journalists will be digging deeper and deeper to get our readers stories.

The Rogister is The Register, a news publication Mike Magee co-founded in 1994, it was the first completely online news site. He fell out with his partners and founded The Inquirer (INQster). He sold The Inquirer to VNU, a Dutch based media company in 2006.

Mike Magee has become a serial media entrepreneur, a quality that is rare among the UK press corps.