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UK's Enterprise Search Giant Autonomy Moves into eDiscovery of Legal Documents

Autonomy said Tuesday that it had integrated its recent acquisition of Zantaz into its product line. The move strengthens

Autonomy's position in the enterprise search market against Google, FAST Search and Transfer, and other companies offering ways to structure large amounts of corporate documents and emails.

Zantaz, based in California, was acquired in July 2007 for $375m. It's technology helps companies administer document policies and comply with legal and regulatory requests for documents. Legal cases can sometimes require companies to find and turn over millions of documents. Earlier this year Intel ran into a problem complying with a deadline to turn over millions of documents as part of a lawsuit brought by Advanced Micro Devices.

The Zantaz technology can also identify potential legal risks in a company's operations, offering a proactive benefit. This field is known as Information Risk Management.

Autonomy has combined its technology with that of Zantaz. "It's now on steroids," said Chief Marketing Officer Nicole Eagan.

Zantaz gives Autonomy an important beachhead in the US with its large customer base. It can leverage that community through offering a family of search products including the ability to search and index video data.

The Autonomy technology can search for the meaning within documents based on a Bayesian approach which uses statistical analysis. This allows it to work with any language because "meaning" is defined by the statistical similarity of text within documents. The system has to be trained but once that is done it can quickly process large numbers of documents.

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Autonomy Zantaz announcements.

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