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UK Diary: Sunday - Arrival and Tweetup in Chelsea


By Sunday all of the Traveling Geeks had arrived and checked into our hotel, Malmaison (Bad House?) in Charterhouse Square close to St Paul's cathedral.

Fellow TGer Craig Newmark had discovered that we were living above an old "plague pit" where tens of thousands of bodies had been buried in 1384. Maybe this was why we were all to suffer from terrible Internet connection problems throughout our stay?! It would be cool if our wifi were haunted, and ghostly pictures would be uploaded to our flickr accounts during the night.

I was running late to our first event of the trip, a Tweetup in the fashionable Chelsea district. By the time I got there, it had spilled into the street and I saw my colleagues chatting with people, interviewing or being interviewed.


I met a lot of entrepreneurs and had many excellent conversations. Funding was a common theme, the lack of it. Very similar to Silicon Valley.

(Photo by Craig Newmark.)

- - -

I was interviewed by Micha Benoliel from Digitrad which has a cool service offering one point of access for all your voice communications. Here is a discount code if you'd like to try it out: VIP69007.

Tom Foremski - Digitrad - Traveling Geeks from Micha Benoliel on Vimeo.

You can also see interviews with fellow TGers here: http://vimeo.com/channels/digitrad#5489395


Next up: Monday - Reboot Britain and dinner with BT at the top of the 381 ft tall Post Office Tower - a revolving restaurant closed to the public since 1980 and once blown up by the IRA.

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