04:16 AM

UK Computer Pioneer Finds Computers And Email "Annoying"

Techeye.net reports:

Sir Clive Sinclair - the man who invented the ZX80 home computer and later the mich more wildly successful ZX81 - doesn't use a computer at all.

That emerged from an interview he gave to UK Sunday newspaper the Observer.

Sinclair, who will be 70 this year, told the newspaper that the ZX80 and the ZX81 made him a fortune.

...These days Sinclair doesn't use a computer at all... if someone sends him an email he gets an assistant to retrieve them and read them to him... he finds emails "annoying" and he'd rather someone phone him than bother with computers, which he finds annoying.

The Sinclair ZX80 was my first computer. It was a bugger to use, and you had to store data on a tape cassette.

I had to save up my money to get a 2K expansion for its 1K memory. That was a big deal because I could now write larger programs. My next computer was the BBC Micro, much better, and with a real keyboard instead of the membrane one on the ZX80.