08:06 AM

Trunx App Launch Party Doubles-Up For Charity (Bright Idea!)


I'm looking forward to this evening's launch party for the Trunx app, which I got a chance to preview recently, in a meeting with VP of Marketing Sandra Ponce de León (above).

The app is apt for today's concerns about privacy and the sharing of photos. It uses the cloud to securely store all your camera photos. If you lose your phone, or someone else tries to access your photos, they can't. 

I also like that the Trunx launch party is a food drive for local charities. It's a very good idea and I'd love to see others take up this, too.

What if every launch event had some charity connection? You could do variations, such as "turn up and we'll donate money" or "bring children's toys" or get a chance to volunteer for some programs.

It would make turning up for launch events so much more appealing. More info about the Trunx app: Trunx - Peace through Privacy on the App Store on iTunes

Trunx - Peace through Privacy from Trunx App on Vimeo.

Do you know where all your digital photos are? Who owns them?
Trunx lets you take back ownership of your "visual legacy", and gives you peace of mind knowing your memories will be safe forever in your own private vault in the cloud.
+ Get your own private vault to store all your photos and videos in one place, auto-organized by date and time
+ Capture photos and videos directly from Trunx, using ZERO storage on you phone
+ Sync your Camera Roll, freeing your device of precious space
+ Import photos from Facebook and Instagram and take back ownership
+ Password protected, your photos and videos are for your eyes only - until you choose to share