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Tribute To Silicon Valley's Top Pioneer - Doug Engelbart - 85th Birthday

I'm a huge fan of Doug Engelbart. When I first met him in 2005 I was astounded that this original thinker was still around -- but shocked that he was unable to secure funding for his work.

Here is a series of articles I wrote about Mr Engelbart.

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Exclusive interview with seminal 1960s computer visionary Doug Engelbart -- he's still here and looking for funding

A tribute to one of Silicon Valley's most influential and forgotten researchers at Xerox Parc event

The San Jose Mercury wrote about a tribute to Mr Engelbart at the Computer History Museum on Saturday:

Honoring a creative force in high tech: Douglas Engelbart turns 85 - San Jose Mercury News

"If all the leaders of the world -- the presidents of all the countries, the CEOs of all the companies -- were here in this room, you'd be my hero," [Steve] Wozniak, who co-founded Apple Computer and helped create some of the first commercially successful personal computers in the 1970s, told Engelbart. "You'd be the one I would gravitate to."

People still talk about the 1968 lecture that Mr Engelbart gave.

"The ideas were so fresh and resonated so powerfully with people who would go on to shape Silicon Valley that it "was the pivotal moment in computer history," said Bernt Wahl, an industry fellow at the Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at the University of California-Berkeley.

Logitech has done the decent thing and provides Mr Engelbart with an office but he is still looking for funding for his ideas. And it's shameful that 20 'me-too' startups for each idea get funding but he doesn't have an Apple, or a Google, or a Kleiner Perkins funding his work.