05:55 AM

TrendWatch: The Media Dilemma - Which Places Should I Publish And How Much?

The questions I struggle with the most these days are these: Where should I publish and how much should I publish?

Should I spend more time in the real-time world of Twitter and Friendfeed?

Should I spend more time on SVW or on my blog on ZDNet: IMHO?

How much time should I spend in Facebook and is it OK to republish my blog posts there?

How much should I publish? How much is too much? If I publish too much will that be "noise" and will people unsubscribe?

How much time should I spend leaving comments on other sites?

How much time should I spend writing email and replying to email?

How much time should I spend sending and replying to SMS? How much on Twitter?

I'm not sure what the answers to these questions are. But I know we are all asking these types of questions because our media and comms channels are fragmenting at a rapid rate and we have to shift resources around to deal with all of them.

We all have a time-pie and we each have to figure out how large each slice for each activity should be. That includes family and self-time.

One thing is certain, you need to have a slice for each media communications channel it's not a good idea to abandon any one of them.

How many more slices will we need to make in the future? Quite a few I think. Which slices get shaved? They all do.