09:21 PM

Tracking some more of my Pushbacks :-)

Here is a response to a post that I wanted to share, regarding my seemingly unfriendly attitude to PR folk...

Here is the original: http://lackofmotivation.wordpress.com/2006/01/28/prs-last-words-im-not-dying-for-the-love-of-god/

Here is an extract:

Honestly, I think Foremski knows this and is simply trying provoking us. Maybe we as PR people should simply take his commentary as encouragement to ensure we evolve with the changing communication landscape.

Yes, most definitely.


On a side: I met Tom for the first time on Thursday night, but only briefly as he was rubbing shoulders with, ironically, some PR folks. Kind of confusing given his comments, but like I said, maybe we take it and spin it into motivation.

Hey, I like PR people. Where do you think I get many of my scoops from? The best PR people side with the journalists because clients come and go.

And the best PR people think like journalists. And we are both trying to do the right thing: tell compelling, truthful stories. PR people don't want to spin; marketing wants to spin.

That is why Communications needs its own senior vp position, it should not be run by marketing, imho.

Take a look at who runs Cisco's Corporate Communications--it's Dan Scheinman - head of M&A--the most powerful, strategic position at Cisco.

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BTW if you Google Dan Scheinman you get Silicon Valley Watcher's interview with Mr Scheinman in first AND second place :-) !!!!

That's exactly where I would want to be as a journalist... no SEO magic--just a focus on content. I optimize for the reader not the spiderbot.

Let the search engines optimize themselves!!! Why should we do it for them--and put things like Technorati tags in, and all that extra work, that's their job! If the search engines can't do it without us having to lay things out just right, and tag everything for them, what is their value?

At least in this case, the googlebot did its job right :-)

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Also, this is exactly why a reckoning in the PR sector is coming . . .