11:45 PM

Tossing midgets is not funny unless...

Midget tossing in the PR BlogoSphere (BS) is Strumpette's latest button pushing post. It's hilarious, especially when you know the (alleged) midgets. [Phil Gomes is a good sport.]


It's a shame Strumpette is a composite character, I'm told "she" is made up of several people. In fact, various people have been approached to write "Strumpette" occasionally. And some even suspected that I was writing Strumpette in between writing here on SVW, at ZDNet, AlwaysOn, and on San Francisco Chronicle's Tech Chronicles; and in between running around Silicon Valley getting exclusive interviews and the occasional scoop.

I really admire the elegant social design of Strumpette, the button pushing is expertly done, displaying an innate understanding of the PR industry and its characters. It is definitely an "inside job."

My younger alter-ego used to dream of meeting someone like her. We could have run off together and taken on the world; with one well-aimed-between-the-eyes-blog-post-at-a-time. No one would be safe.

Obviously, we'd offer protection to our friends and allies... ;-)