06:21 AM

Tibco Software - Heavy Lifting In IT Enterprise... And The 2 Second Window

I'm spending some of this week in Las Vegas at Tibco's User Conference. Tibco has been a great supporter of SVW and I like the company, it is doing some very impressive things in a market that doesn't get much media exposure.

Tibco's technologies allow large corporations to bring together all their computing assets into an integration layer, which enables them to build business processes as services, that run across their entire computing platforms.

This integration layer is more important today than ever before because this is where you can create lightning fast responses to the billions of business events happening within organizations every day.

Vivek Ranadivé, Tibco's founder and CEO, likes to speak about the "2 second advantage" this is the brief amount of time a business has to respond to an event, such as a customer having problems with a dropped cell phone call. One response is to send a text message apologizing and crediting the customer account with 50 minutes of free time (a pleasant fantasy, AT&T would be providing millennia of free minutes).

Mr Ranadivé is working on a book on this subject with Kevin Maney, the former journalist with Portfolio and USA Today.

I spoke with some of Tibco's customers. Syed Kashif Qasim Ali, a project manager from the Adu Dhabi Commercial Bank, said that Tibco technology is being used to rapidly create new services. Those services can be reused among different business groups and across different channels.

The bank has to maintain two banking systems, one that is Muslim based and that adheres to Muslim principles, and a commercial banking system. The goal is to be able to provide customers with a 360 view of all their accounts and products within 5 seconds.

I also spoke with José Salinas, Vice President of Technology and Logistics at Banco do Brasil. This bank is one of the world leaders in banking IT, it has more computing power than Argentina. The bank is integrating its computer systems so that it can quickly respond to clients.

Dr Salinas says that the goal is to bring the branch to the customer. For example, if a customer is at an auto dealership, the bank wants the capability to make a loan offer within a few seconds. I'll have more on this project coming up in a future post.

Here is a Pearltree on Tibco's latest announcements.