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Thursday News Watch: Most Online Communities Fail . . .

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Why Most Online Communities Fail

One of the hot investments for businesses these days is online communities that help customers feel connected to a brand. But most of these efforts produce fancy Web sites that few people ever visit. The problem: Businesses are focusing on the value an online community can provide to themselves, not the community.

Wall Street Journal:

SAP, Oracle Boost Software Prices

EBay Net Rises Amid Worries

Microsoft Revs Up Talks With AOL

U.S. Worried About China's Hackers

Former Samsung Chairman Found Guilty

San Francisco's Inside Job

New York Times:

Little Interest in Buying AOL as the Unit Is Shopped Again

Apple Sues Psystar to Block Macintosh Clone Sales

Bartering Expands in the Internet Age

Nintendo and Sony Unveil Games

Profit Rises 25% at Intel on Strong Global Demand

San Francisco Chronicle:

Fun And Games

Shine Is On Lower Costs

Rebates Mean More Go Solar

San Jose Mercury:

Microsoft-Yahoo quarrel plays out in Senate

Hi, I’m coordinating the NASA Urine Drive this year. Cup of coffee?

Apple apologizes for MobileMess

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