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This Week SVW Is In London And Cambridge

This week I'll be in London and Cambridge as part of the Traveling Geeks tour. We'll be meeting with various UK companies and organizations.

I'm particularly interested in the startup culture here in the UK and how it differs from Silicon Valley. I'm always looking for what makes Silicon Valley different from anywhere else and why it is so difficult to create Silicon Valley-like regions around the world.

Clearly, to create a sustainable center of innovation it takes more than building a business park around a university and injecting some startup capital. The answer must lie in the culture of Silicon Valley. But can that culture be exported? Do regional innovation centers have unique cultures specific to their particular brand of innovation?

Maybe I can find out some answers during this trip.

Also, I'll be posting about some of the companies and personalities I meet during this trip. So please check back regularly. Also, you can follow my colleagues on the Traveling Geeks website and Twitter -- and if you get a chance, join us at some of the open evening events. Here is our agenda.

Here is a brief overview. We'll be at...

A NESTA-sponsored conference about moving forward in the new economy, a U.S./U.K. Speed Date with Seed Camp Winners and UK Leaders; eConsultancy Innovator's Open Discussion; the TechCrunch Europa Awards; University of Cambridge's Judge Business School Roundtable on Open Innovation; as well as meetings with Nokia Labs, Microsoft Labs, East of England International, Skype and others.

The blhttpoggers will also be speaking and participating at a Reboot Britain event and the Guardian's first Media Talk Live event, as well as organizing a TweetUp in central London on the evening of July 5, 2009, which is being sponsored by NESTA and The Conversation Group.

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Twitter hashtag for the trip is #tg2009

Fellow Traveling Geeks:

Robert Scoble

Robert needs no introduction. He is a social media factory!

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Craig Newmark

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Sarah Lacy

Sarah is an editor at Techcrunch and a prolific writer and book author.

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Howard Rheingold

Howard used to edit the Whole Earth Review and is one of the leading thinkers of the digital age.

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Meghan Asha

Meghan is one of the micro-celebrity It girls from the East coast.

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JD Lasica

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Susan Bratton

Susan is co-founder and CEO of publisher Personal Life Media.

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Jeff Saperstein

Jeff is a co-founder of Traveling Geeks. He consults with large corporations on business strategy.

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Renee Blodgett

Public relations maven and co-founder of the Traveling Geeks.

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Jim ("Sky") Schuyler

The CTO for the Dalai Lama.

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Ayelet Noff

Aylef is based in Israel where she runs a marketing consultancy.

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