06:54 PM

This is a better term for blogging and bloggers...but keep the BS

By Tom Foremski, Silicon Valley Watcher

This post on AlwaysOn , about the need for a better term than blog or blogging, got me thinking.

I really like readwriting as a term for blogging. A blog is readable from anywhere and it is writable from anywhere. It is readwriting.

We get to play on both sides of the glass display screen. This also gets us away from the constant debates on what blogging is or isn't.

Each blog "document" is unique because it is an interactive publication. In the same way that AJAX applications carry their processing within them, a blog document carries comments, trackbacks and links--it carries its own communications.

Here is an emotionally neutral definition:

Blogging or readwriting is the act of publishing online a document that contains interactive elements such as a comments area, trackbacks, and links to other interactive documents. Most of the content is written by a person.

And the people that do it are readwriters.

readwriting = blogging

readwriters = bloggers

But what do we do with the term BlogoSphere (BS), maybe we could still keep using the BS term as a reminder of our history?