09:04 AM

"Think Fair" A Potential Apple Follow Up to "Think Different"

Who will be the first Fair Trade tech company? I think Apple could do it: Analysis: Here's How Apple Could Become The First Fair Trade Tech Company.

And here is the perfect follow up to Apple's "Think Different" marketing campaign: "Think Fair."

The "Think Different" advertising slogan was introduced in 1997 and it became insanely successful, it was credited with rejuvenating the Apple brand and used for about five years. "Think Fair" could easily run five years.

If Apple products were Fair Trade electronics, they would marry great design with great ethics -- that's a killer combination. Right now, the Apple iPad is associated with suicides. Earlier today I retweeted this:"@drachgenabe: One suicide death per 200,000 sold iPad." That's the wrong kind of killer marketing.

"Think Fair" Apple products would do wonders for the user experience; there's nothing wrong with warm and fuzzy.

The only problem: Apple fanboys would become even more annoying than they are now. They would exude a torrent of moral superiority from every pore of their bodies. It could be over powering -- especially in confined spaces.