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There Seems To Be A Red Shift Acceleration In Time Passing ... Sand Hill Group Celebrates The Holidays (Again)

Sunday evening I'm at the Four Seasons in San Francisco for the Sand Hill Group's Holiday dinner as a guest of the tireless M.R Rangaswami, "the swami of enterprise software" as I called him because of his excellent Software conferences.

I used to think enterprise software was dead and boring but M.R convincingly changed my opinion through his conferences and a great online magazine Sandhill.com. [Check out Peter Sobiloff's article: Ready for a Downturn?]

Sunday evening felt the same as a year ago at Sand Hill's holiday celebrations, it seemed as if I was here just a month ago. Again, I'm sitting next to Eric Faurot, who is always good company.

Mr Faurot is a senior executive at CMP, which purchased M.R's Software conference. [CMP buys Sand Hill Group's Software conference for up to $9m] BTW, look out for another acquisition to be announced soon.

The Software 2008 conference is moving from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas which marks a turning point for what has been a quintessential Silicon Valley conference with great turnout from local VCs, startups and top software executives. The conference will be a lot different in Las Vegas but then again the software as a service market, which had been a prime source of content for the conference, has now gone mainstream, so the conference can potentially attract a larger, more mainstream audience too.

It is good to see other familiar faces: Terry Garnett of Garnett & Helfrich Capital--the venture buyout firm; Shannon Latta, partner in the Horn Group [Please see the latest post on Horn Group blog: Evolving PR-Ryan Block, Marshall Kirkpatrick and Tom Foremski on Social Media and PR]. Also, Carleen Hawn, editor of FoundRead from GigaOmniMedia.

It was a very pleasant evening but I wish it hadn't come around so soon. The experience of time in Silicon Valley is definitely accelerating (and it's not just me!)

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