15:58 PM

The Vloggies was the Rite-Spot Saturday

The place to be Saturday evening was the Vloggies Awards  in San Francisco- the best of the best video bloggers.

Organized by PodTech, co-founded by John Furrier, the event brought together an eclectic, and very much a San Francisco crowd. PodTech's Valerie Cunningham did an excellent job in getting people to come out...and dress for the occasion.

Silicon Valley generally likes to dress as if they just crawled out of their parent's spare bedroom - T-shirts and jeans - even though they have been dressing themselves for many years. That's why it was fun to see lots of people dressed to the nines for the event.

This was not your typical Silicon Valley event, that typically starts at 6 and ends at 8. Yes, it's true, this event did officially start at 6 but everybody was fashionably late and it was almost 8 before things got going.

Andy Plesser from Beet TV was there (how come Beet didn't win anything?!) plus Nick Douglas from ValleyWag was looking very dapper; of course Scott Beale, Laughing Squid with his camera; Renee Blodgett turned up ready to have fun; my pals Chris and Kristie Heuer were freshly deplaned from Boston which did not slowdown Chris; the indefatigable Dan Farber was there; Steve Gillmore my fellow ZDNet blogger, Nick Aster representing Tree Hugger was there (congrats on winning a Vloggie!)and lots and lots of familiar faces - it was a very good evening.

Here is a smattering of gossip: Gabe Rivera, the TechMeme maestro,  has finally escaped the dungeon of Mike Arrington's Atherton house, he's currently in the Peninsula. (I told him he should keep moving north and get a place in SF.) 

I will post pictures and video as soon as I can locate my camera . . . I hope somebody did(!)

Scott Beale has a good Vloggies wrap here...