08:22 AM

The story so far

by Doug Millison for SiliconValleyWatcher.com

Pardon me for tooting our own horn here, but after a few short weeks of publication, Silicon Valley Watcher is a hit - and we'd like to invite you to help us in the effort to make it the location on the Web for insight into the world's leading site for technology business innovation. After all, nobody knows Silicon Valley the way you do.

Hundreds of people - interesting, involved, busy, like you in other words - now visit Silicon Valley Watcher every day (and the number is increasing) and we'd like to give you all more of what you're learning to enjoy here.

We know that you know about business deals in the works, new projects, personnel moves, new products and services in the pipeline, research breakthroughs, future trends. If you have a success story to share, please do - and if you've got a cautionary tale, that's valuable, too.

We'll keep it confidential and anonymous if that's necessary.

If you'd like to make your editorial contribution public, that's fine, too. We'll give you a byline or otherwise give you credit for what you pass along.

Maybe you've got information or subject-matter expertise that you'd like to share, but you don't consider yourself a writer. We'll assign a writer or editor to work with you to create an article, column, interview, or case study.

Adding comments to specific articles is a good way to participate, too. These articles are offered as a springboard for further discussion. We're developing ways to spotlight comments and discussions as they develop, too.

It's a citizen journalist world all of a sudden here on the Web, so let's join forces, tell our stories and share insight and information that we can all use to make our Silicon Valley days more profitable . . .and more enjoyable.

Please don't hesitate to contact me by email if you've got an idea for an article or a suggestion to make Silicon Valley Watcher better.


Doug Millison

Managing Editor, Silicon Valley Watcher

doug at siliconvalleywatcher dot com