07:15 PM

The sky is falling says NYT media beat reporter

Sky's_Falling.jpgThis is directly related to what I've been asking for the last five months: what happens if the old media dies before the new media learns to walk?

Hat tip to Romenesko:

NYT's Carr says he's glad he stayed on the media beat
City (of Rochester)
David Carr, who has written about the media for Washington City Paper, Twin Cities Reader and Inside.com, says he almost passed on the chance to be New York Times' media columnist. "Although I was reluctant at first, because I thought I was pretty much done with media, I eventually came around," he says. "And I'm glad I did, because the sky actually is falling right now, and it's fun and interesting and scary all at the same time to watch the ways in which media are atomizing and becoming commoditized."